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Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Articles | 0 comments

Screw Love: The Ugly Side of Opera

by Melissa Wimbish 

Happy February? I guess…Sure. If you’re into that sort of “love” game.

Why the sarcastic tone? Why so “Bah Lovebug!” you wonder…? This month at Operagasm, our focus is unlike anything you’ve experienced in this neck of the webspace. As you probably noticed in spending some time with us, we do our best to keep things fun around here: No pretentiousness (unless it’s just too cool to resist), no put-downs (because that’s so 3rd grade), lots of laughs (burns calories!), and sexual references whenever appropriate (do you need a reason?). Those are the rules we follow and they seem to have attracted some pretty cool readers so far, but we’re long overdue for a healthy bitching session. We chose the shortest month so it wouldn’t get annoying.

Is that racist?

“Screw Love: The Ugly Side of Opera” is our homage to good, old-fashioned hating. This month we invite you to indulge in complaining, griping, whining, and pointing out everything that sucks about the business of opera in hopes that by doing so, we can raise awareness and spark a conversation about a much-needed makeover. As always, we will we be featuring some fantastic articles throughout the month from guest writers including our beloved Bryce Smith, rising director Eve Summer, and Operagasm favorite Amy Van Mechelen. In the middle of the month, right around a certain Tuesday, we’ll certainly be taking a break from the heartbreak to bring you our exclusive Valentine’s Day interview with Luca Pisaroni!!! We’ll tell you right now, bass-baritones don’t get much more charming than this one.

And, what’s the fun in bitching if you don’t get to join in on the festivities? Don’t worry! We’ve thought of everything. Our final article for the month of February will be an anonymous culmination of all things that blow our collective opera viking horns! Be sure to submit your complaints (about anything pertaining to opera and its business) to by Febuary 27th for inclusion in this epic list. Join us in saying, “Yes, I hate that, too!” Your identity will be protected!

If we want to get to the bottom of why opera houses are closing all around us, why arts education funding is being cut all over the world, why the awareness and importance of art as a necessary brick of our cultural foundation is deteriorating, we have got to expose the nastiness first. For the brief but effective month of February, let it all out. Now, mount your soap boxes and brace yourselves for a healthy helping of opinions!!!

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