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Posted by on Apr 1, 2010 in Articles | 0 comments

Sing Well, Sing Healthy

Sing Well, Sing Healthy

Spring is singing and now that we have overcome all of our fears and obstacles we are ready to focus on enjoying the upcoming months of sunshine and rebirth with a healthy lifestyle! To make a healthy sound requires a healthy body. Nobody wants to listen to your scratchy middle voice that was up all night yelling at the bars or see a body full of unhealthy tension delivering a sensual aria. More importantly, in order to really feel good about your singing, you have to feel good about you know who…YOU! P.S. You can order more sap by clicking here.

This month, Operagasm presents our beefiest roster (in quantity) yet! So much so that we will even have guest articles every Saturday this month. That should keep Mr. Wimbish in Kansas satisfied for at least a few weeks – his requests for weekend content have finally been fulfilled! We will hear a variety of perspectives for this month’s topic of ‘Health and Wellness’ ranging from the super-fit tenor, to the Pilates instructor, to the president of the Green Club at Peabody Conservatory. Many of us will realize how little we consider this critical subject which is necessary to our longevity in this field, but undoubtedly be presented with the tools we need to be proactive and make feasible, positive changes.

The first week will feature the first article in a two-part series by Emily Stephenson on the topic of eating disorders in the opera world, followed by the beginning of another two-part series by former music major and now very successful personal trainer (super duper fit!) Nikki Rouillard. Sadly, many musicians have to face the inconveniences of chronic health conditions just to be able to perform; second-time contributor Christie McNeill will discuss the hardships of hyperthyroidism.  We will also hear from super-fit tenor John Lindsey, currently a voice graduate student at the University of Colorado.

Soprano Bonnie Draina eats, sleeps, and breathes wellness and its importance in the lives of musicians. She received her certification in Body Mapping under Barbara Conable and, currently on the voice faculty at CU Boulder’s College of Music, is a driving force in the growing Musicians’ Wellness program at the college. Shall we not forget the wellness of our planet in all of this? Personal focus is definitely important, but not if we don’t have a planet on which to enjoy it! Leave it to Peabody Conservatory’s Green Club president, Emily Sanchez to tell us about the importance of going green in the classical music world and the way that she is trying to raise awareness.

We are especially excited for a very special contribution from world-renowned soprano, Phyllis Bryn-Julson! This outstanding woman who managed an amazingly active career is sitting on a treasure trove of tips for vocal health. Name your ailment – she’s likely had to sing through it and did so wonderfully by eating only dark chocolate for a day or scratching the belly of an albino pig twice before bed. She knows her vocal voodoo! Later in the month, bass-baritone Keith Miller will take us behind the scenes of his physical training camp for singers! No, that’s not a joke. Mr. Miller, absolutely fit himself (google him, you won’t be disappointed) is a former fullback for the Denver Broncos and knows a thing or two about physical training.

Rounding out the month are vocal pedagogue Catherine Kasch, currently on the voice faculty at the Lamont School of Music. Kasch is also the wife and coach to tenor extraordinaire, Donald Kasch.  Alexander Technique specialist and pianist, Heidi Brende Leathwood, yoga instructor Emily Šaras, and graduate student Amanda Boundy who will discuss an issue of constant drama for almost every singer at some point in their career: acid reflux. All of these articles are in addition to the news, fashion, reviews, and fun tidbits that we bring to you every day!

We have an exciting month of excellent writing and diverse perspectives ahead. We hope you will find this information helpful to your advancement as a singer as well as your overall health and well-being. Take notes, ask questions, and be healthy. Much love!

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