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Posted by on Feb 6, 2013 in Articles, new articles | 0 comments

Singing Improves Physical and Mental Health

Singing Improves Physical and Mental Health

Posted by Melissa Wimbish

Sometimes it’s nice to read this stuff even if you sort of already knew it. Look at all of the great things singing does for us! According to Heather Grant of Suite 101, “a new kind of knowledgebase built around discussion, opinion and passionate interests”, the top ten health benefits of singing are:

  • lower blood pressure
  • greater lung capacity
  • more energy
  • relief from asthma
  • elevated mood
  • improved memory
  • increased concentration
  • better posture
  • stronger stomach muscles
  • toned facial muscles

She goes on to discuss how singing releases endorphins, how “mental rehearsing” is a great idea for preparation and brain aerobics, and how regular singing can lead to fewer medical appointments as you age! “Damn, Gina!”

Read more at Suite101: Singing Improves Physical and Mental Health | Suite101
Follow them: @suite101 on Twitter | Suite101 on Facebook

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