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Posted by on Jan 23, 2012 in News | 0 comments

Skylight Opera Theatre to Change Name

Milwaukee, WI – Skylight Opera Theatre is very pleased to announce that beginning on February 1, 2012, its name will change to Skylight Music Theatre.

Over fifty years ago, Skylight began as Skylight Theatre and evolved through the years to Skylight Comic Opera, The Skylight and the current Skylight Opera Theatre. In recent years, the name has been an ongoing topic of discussion for board members and staff as they strive to ensure it truly reflects the mission, repertoire, and education programs.

Throughout its history, Skylight has prided itself in presenting the full spectrum of music theatre – from opera to Broadway musicals and everything in between. Skylight has evolved into one of the most unique performing arts organizations in the country. No other company achieves the range of repertoire that Skylight produces every season and the organization remains committed to continuing that truly special and unique tradition.

Skylight firmly believes that opera is a critical part of the music theatre canon and its dedication to performing at least one opera a year will not change. But because it produces the full spectrum of music theatre, the name “Skylight Opera Theatre” doesn’t accurately reflect the full breadth of productions. Skylight’s goal in the name change is to accurately capture the range of experiences patrons may have throughout each season.

Skylight’s strength lies in the magical combination of music and song to tell a story in a way that words or music alone can’t reach. Whether in a beautiful operatic aria, a thrilling song and dance number from a Broadway musical, a Gilbert & Sullivan patter song or the work of contemporary composers who are blurring the lines between musical theatre and opera, Skylight Music Theatre will continue to seek out productions that have a moving story to tell and compelling music through which to tell it.

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