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Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Articles, new articles | 8 comments

Ten Things Only Mezzos Understand

Ten Things Only Mezzos Understand

Bringing you the Best of 2014!  Celebrating 2014 and beyond!!!!


by Christie Connolley

It’s hard out here for my low voiced sisters!  Operagasm gets you!


10. When you hear, “I really think you may be a soprano….”   (Pul-lease….  Mezzos need high notes too dummy…)





9. Trying on fake mustaches for your next pants role.




8. “Did you hear they are casting a soprano for Carmen?  (Hands off our only girly, girly, sexy role!)





7. Singing all G’s during the ensembles…




6.  Seeing another mezzo at an audition.  You ask her, “What are you singing?”  She says, “Va!”  She asks you, “What about you?”  You reply, “Va!




5.  When you hear some bimbo twirling her hair saying, “My teacher says I am a baby Dolora Zajick.  (Bitch please!  Even Dolora Zajick was never a baby Dolora Zacjick!)







 4. “Can you sing tenor on this ensemble part?  Just this once…. pretty please?”









3. Did you hear they are casting a countertenor for Orlofsky?  (Hands off our roles people!)



2.  Could you sing that a little higher and a little lighter?




1. At least we are not at the bottom of the operatic food chain…. like sopranos!








Christie Connolley is one of the founders and directors of You can learn more about Christie under the ‘About Us’ tab on the top of the page.  Christie welcomes you to comment on her article or email her privately at

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  1. This is SO true :D :D

  2. Right on Gurl!

  3. This is the best thing I have ever read (and Gina knows what’s up too)!!! I need to read this every night before bed. Man, your humor is the best, and more funny because it is so true!

  4. Leave Carmen to us, girls, we’ve got this. ;-)

  5. Terrific!

  6. HA !! Try being a TRUE CONTRALTO !!! We have it even worse !

  7. Soprano Carmens, ugh. What’s next, tenor Don Giovannis?

    Even my opera-hating Dad loves him some Elina Garanca.

  8. Mezzos rule!!! I just can’t stop laughing out loud!!!!:)


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