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Posted by on Aug 20, 2010 in News | 0 comments

The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club

by Christie Connolley

Can you imagine singing on an airplane?  The dry environment, breathing in stale, recycled air?  The cramped seating and narrow aisle won’t allow you to really get into your ‘diva stance’?  Well props to members of the Prague State Opera for performing for frequent Airplaneflyers at 30,000 feet on a BMIbaby flight to Prague.  This is one of several in flight entertainment series known as  ‘enterplanement’ that will be presented on select European flights.

“As well as putting the fun back into flying, we thought we could do something more interactive and actually have representatives from the destinations on a few flights,” said Julian Carr, managing director of Bmibaby. “Ultimately we want our customers to enjoy the experience, and we hope that it gives them ideas and suggestions about what to do and see in a destination that they might not read about in the standard tourist brochure or guide book,” he added.

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