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Posted by on Jul 30, 2010 in Reviews | 1 comment

The Only Reason Kim Jong-Il Leaves North Korea is…

The Only Reason Kim Jong-Il Leaves North Korea is…

by Melissa Wimbish

Photo Credit: Not listed

Photo Credit: Not listed

Opera, damnit!

Even super-villains have good taste in music! It’s clear that he was a bit partial to this particular opera company since he is one of the people that helped establish it. Get this fun little element of crazy — the name of the opera company is:


Clearly we can’t get too excited about Mr. Jong-Il’s expedition and assume that he’s making some sort of transition into normalcy. This is kind of a normal thing for him. It is quite comforting to know however, that if for some reason you ended up in a North Korean prison, you may be shown a shred of mercy if you burst into operatic song.

Check out the full review by Sheila Melvin of The New York Times in which she discusses the staging of the opera, (conceived by Kim Jong-Il’s father) the overall political impact, and the tinge of jealousy surrounding a North Korean company’s success with a Chinese classic:

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  1. Must you continue to haunt me.

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