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Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Articles, new articles | 0 comments

The Power of Social Media Forces Out Homophobic Opera Singer

The Power of Social Media Forces Out Homophobic Opera Singer


by Terrence von Bülow

I never even heard the name Tamar Iveri until last week, and if I hear it one more time I am going to be sick!  If you are new to the drama, well honey, let me bring you up to speed

This bitch, Tamar Iveri had the nerve to spout homophobic rhetoric all over her Facebook page (ummm…. you do know you work in the opera world, where the gays are out and about, right honey?) and when it came to light she blamed her husband for hacking her page spewing all the hatred.  Oh, so homophobic AND spineless?

Once this information came to light, a campaign spread across social media to oust Iveri from Opera Australia’s upcoming production of Othello.  The company finally bowed to the global pressure and issued a statement calling her homophobic statements, “…unconscionable” and that they have, “… reached agreement with Ms Iveri to immediately release her from her contract with the company.”

As one cotton candy hair having kajillionaire once said, “You’re fired…..”

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