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Posted by on Jan 12, 2012 in Reviews | 0 comments

Third Traviata Reference this Week!

by Melissa Wimbish

Jaho as Vio

We just can’t get enough of La Traviata this week on Operagasm!

Reviewer William Hartston seems to have said it best: “What does Verdi’s La Traviata have in common with a London bus? Answer: you can wait a long time for it, but then three come along one after another. Unlike London buses, however, you do not have to wait very long at the Royal Opera House for another Traviata.” I’m going to totally act like I understand that bus reference as if I’ve been in London before and give a good chortle! Heigh ho! Check out the Operagasm review rundown!

Waaaay better than J-Lo: ”I saw [Ermonela] Jaho in this role at Covent Garden two years ago and was stunned by the excellence and commitment of her performance. This time, she is even better.”

Going through the motions?: “The third main role, of Alfredo’s father, Giorgio Germont, was taken by the Italian baritone Paolo Gavanelli who has just the right booming voice for the bullying patriarch. His acting, however, particularly when called upon to show the intensity of his relationships with the other main characters, seemed rather routine.”

Best Alfredo sauce I’ve ever tasted: “The role of Alfredo is the most difficult to portray convincingly, as the whole opera casts him as a rather wimpish character, carried along by events rather than controlling them, but Stephen Costello brought real depth to the part. This young American has risen rapidly to claim a place among the world’s best tenors and recent performances show that he has the acting abilities to match his wonderfully smooth and powerful voice.”

Bravo, Maestro!: ”The conductor, Maurizio Benini, did a splendid job, bringing out the very best of the always excellent Covent Garden orchestra. Right from the start, the intense emotionality of the music came through strongly, and the balance between singers and orchestra was maintained perfectly throughout.”

“And you LOOK wonderful!”: With Bob Crowley’s designs perfectly capturing everything from the sumptuousness of the opening act to the grimness of the final moments, this all adds up to a glorious evening at the opera.

Check out the full review here!

Or go see for yourself before January 25!

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