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Posted by on Oct 25, 2010 in Reviews | 0 comments

Threepenny Adaptation

Threepenny Adaptation


Photo credit: Mark Garvin

by Melissa Wimbish

The Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia is having a go with Kurt Weill’s The Threepenny Opera. Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey of the Phillyist seems to have enjoyed the production overall, but had some constructive thoughts about the concept of translation versus adaptation:

“The production values were high: sets and lights were perfect, acting and singing generally strong, orchestra superb. The costumes tripped me up, out of time as they were with the play, and with each other, but all were appropriate to the individual character at the specific moment. So if all you want to know is if The Threepenny Opera, as staged by the Old City theatre, is any good, know that it is and don’t read any further. But a play that’s good isn’t always a play that works…The problem is this: at what point, when working with an eighty-year-old piece of German theatre, does a translation cease being a translation and become more of an adaptation?”

Did any of our readers see the production? Better yet, are any of our readers involved in the production? Let’s hear your thoughts! Click here for the full review!

The Arden Theatre Company’s The Threepenny Opera continues through November 7. Tickets range from $34 – 48 and can be purchased online.

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