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Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Website of the Week

by Melissa Wimbish

Audition Annihilation month is coming to a close, but just happened upon this little morsel of tips from a blog, that may or may not still be active, and wanted to share.

The Young Person’s Guide to the Opera Audition is a sweet little “night-before” checklist for any audition adventure. I highly recommend printing off the post “The Audition Binder”, putting it in your audition binder, and scribbling a good old fashioned checkmark next to each line as it’s completed. I do believe this could make for a really great night’s sleep before your big singing day! Here’s a taste of the great advice, but do visit the site for the whole shebang:

The Audition Binder: Keeping Everything in One Place

It’s the big day and you’ve arrived at the audition. You’ve just been told by the door monitor or stage manager that it is time to enter the auditioning room. You’ve grabbed your binder to go in, but do you have absolutely everything as you’re entering the room? It would probably be a good idea to check out the following list to make sure. As I have said in the past, this is not an exhaustive list. If anyone has an interest in extending it, please drop me a line and I’d love to add more. One can never be too prepared.

First of all, the binder needs to be prepared at least a few days before the audition. If you’re on the road, it’s much better to get everything prepared and be able to relax then be worrying that something was forgotten.

The Audition Binder - Traditionally, the binder is black and 1”-1.5”. When I audition in New York City, I typically use a black binder, but when I’m on the road I always use a brightly colored binder. I picked up this idea from a course I took in college about Stage Management. Stage Managers typically use a colored binder as “The Book” so that it may be easily found and recognized in misplaced. When moving around between hotels and lodgings, I do everything in my power to keep all the possessions I bring in the same general area, but things happen. When it’s time to leave for the audition or start traveling to the next one, you’ll be happy knowing that your binder is neon green or florescent pink if you can’t find it in your bag and you know it’s somewhere in your room. (Visit The Young Person’s Guide to the Opera Audition)

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