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Posted by on Jul 16, 2010 in News | 0 comments

Where Do Opera Props Go To Die?

Where Do Opera Props Go To Die?

by Christie Connolley

Do you ever wonder where opera props go to die?  The answer, my friend, is Universal Studios.

Harry PotterJacqueline Palank of the Wall Street Journal reports that Universal Studio’s new theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is littered with props from the now defunct Orlando Opera.

“… the trunks, tables, lanterns and yes, cauldrons, that props master Chris Carpenter spent 35 years building and collecting were sold last summer as part of the opera company’s bankruptcy liquidation. Among the buyers was a Universal Studios unit, which, court papers show, picked up the props for $1,800. They now can be found within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Orlando theme park that celebrated its grand opening last month.”

Read on.

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