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Posted by on Aug 1, 2017 in Fashion, new articles | 0 comments

Why you SHOULD dress your best at the Met

Why you SHOULD dress your best at the Met

by Terrence von Bülow

Have you ever thought,”Well, I am trying to get last minute rush tickets to this show at the Met so these raggedly grey sweatpants with the word ‘juicy’ sprawled across my tookus is the perfect choice!”

Honey…. don’t do that….. Reason one – the opera is one of the last bastions of fashion darling!  Even civilians know you should dress up for the opera, they are the ones who show up for the one opera they will see in their lifetime with their old prom dress!  Reason two – your pic may be snapped up on the amazing new site ‘Last Night at the Met‘!  (For you guys who were cruising Grindr for other guys at the opera – Last Night at the Met does not mean what you think it means….)  Let this be your warning to dress….. yo….. best honey!

Check out the link and feast your eyes on the swagger we see on the regular from Met-goers. What are your opera attire standards?

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