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Posted by on Nov 11, 2010 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Word of the Day!

Word of the Day!

by Melissa WimbishSternoSide

Here at Operagasm, our focus for the month of November is “Giving Back.” Today, consider giving back to one of the muscles that takes a beating on a daily basis from you: your sternocleidomastoid. Have you ever taken a minute to massage this thing? Well, grab a box of tissue (for the tears that may be shed) and have a go!

(Members of Dr. Nam’s vocal pedagogy class should feel free to recount their stories of public sternocleidomastoid massage in the comments section below.)

sternocleidomastoid – a thick superficial muscle on each side that arises by one head from the first segment of the sternum and by a second from the inner part of the clavicle, that inserts into the mastoid process and occipital bone, and that acts especially to bend, rotate, flex, and extend the head. (Definition provided by Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

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