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Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Word of the Week

by Melissa Wimbish

To the guy whose cellphone went off during the love duet:

You were sitting a few rows behind me at the Metropolitan Opera this past weekend watching Natalie Dessay as Lucia. I didn’t pay for your bell tones, sir, I paid for Natalie’s! Watches, phones, laptops, iPads..I don’t get it. What part of “turn it off” don’t you get? This was forgivable about eight years ago when maybe people were still getting used to the fact that cellphones were becoming like a third limb, but NOW, they ARE clearly a third limb and if you can treat them like that in all other instances of your life (such as texting during dinner which you probably do all the time) why the hell can’t you remember to turn them off when something really special is happening? Hello, audience member, you have responsibilities! Turn It Off! Did you brush your teeth this morning? Can you find your seat in the theater? Do you think you can remember to pee in the potty? Well, then you can probably take 30 seconds to turn off your blasted noisemakers and stop ruining everything!!!!! Perhaps it would be easier to communicate with your kind via three letter words since that likely makes up most of your vocabulary.

TIO (pronounced tee-o or  as an acronym: T I O) – TURN IT OFF; in reference to technology, but could probably also be used to snidely tell someone to shut off their mouths or bad attitudes; similar to LOL and OMG in that it uses three letters and is short for something, though the actual function is quite different (Definition provided by me)

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