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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Fashion, new articles, The Voice Box | 2 comments



by Christie Connolley

If you are like me, you are laying awake, staring at the ceiling at 2:42am with your left eye twitching, thinking about all the things you wish you had accomplished today and dreading all the things you have to do tomorrow.   The internal monologue begins, ”Did I respond to that email?  I wish I had more time to practice. What if I reset the alarm to get thirty more minutes of sleep in the morning?  When is that paper due?  Why are harem pants making a comeback?  I mean really….. harem pants!”  WTF???

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  1. I needed this. WFT, indeed!

  2. ….and I can’t even spell. WTF!!! LOL.

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