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Posted by on May 8, 2014 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments




by Terrence von Bülow

What is the most famous of all Shakespearean scenes?  There are some droll intellectuals among us who would draw from some obscure Shakespeare play (which PS- was never made into an opera- so who cares!)  So for reals, the most famous scene?  Undoubtedly, it is “Romeo…. Romeo…. wherefore art thou Romeo?”  Romeo was hiding in them bushes stalking you girl!

Wherefore art thou …. chins?

Can we talk about this scene for a minute?  How cruel was Shakespeare to place a woman, a soprano no less, on a balcony looking down one floor from her lover?  This is not a good angle for anyone!  I get she is supposed to be sixteen years old and her chin would be as taut as Joan Rivers’s face.

Time for a little experiment.  Get out your hand mirrors your iPhones, pop on the camera and flip it around so you can see yourself as you take the picture (don’t act like you don’t do this all the time!  I have seen all those selflies on your FB page!)  Now set the camera on the table in front of you…… now, take a deep breath….. and…. look…..down.  Yikes, right?

Seriously, Shakespeare…. wtf?

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