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Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in new articles, The Voice Box | 2 comments



Bringing you the Best of 2013!

by Terrence von Bülow

Can we talk for a moment about the raging insecurity that is rampant in every Young Artist Program in America?

I recently visited (as an audience member) a prominent summer vocal arts festival (which shall remain nameless, because these bitches were somewhere else last summer and they will be somewhere else next summer, it is less about the festival and more about the culture we have created as singers).

As one of only a handful of patrons under the age of eighty-two years old, paired with my luxurious Prada shoes, and my barrel-chested resonant speaking voice, it was clear to all that I also happened to be an opera singer which garnered me the dirtiest of looks from nearly every member of the program that I encountered while enjoying an after show drink with friends at a nearby haunt.  (With the exception of one coloratura soprano, bless her heart, all those fast, high notes shook her brain and she just didn’t realize she was supposed to treat me like she was cross examining a hostile witness on Law & Order SVU….)

How hard is this business people?  Seriously….. why do we have to make it even more difficult by treating each other like we are on the set of Mean Girls?  (Oooooooo….. tangent – Mean Girls – The Opera – I envision a showdown between Anna Netrebko and Angela Gheorghiu – someone call Tina Fey and let’s make this happen).

Why all the dirty looks, the eye rolls, the sneers, the hushed whispers whilst throwing virtual daggers across the room?  Can we not introduce ourselves, shake hands, and make small talk like we are grown up professionals at an insurance convention?  Imagine all we could learn from each other if we could drop the insecurity-ridden facade and reach out to our fellow musicians?


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  1. that’s such a childish/high school/pathetic kind of attitude. But I think that the more you sneer other people the less ahead you get, at least I think so. I wouldn’t like to build up a career looking down on people, there’s really no need for that. And normally people who do that are the most insecure about themselves, but they forget that karma is a b*tch.

  2. “As one of only a handful of patrons under the age of eighty-two years old…” So true of ANY classical music get-together. I’ve been into Mozart since the age of 7 and have always been getting funny looks at these get-togethers, especially when I mention stuff like Battlestar Galactica! LOL!

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