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Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments




by Christie Connolley

Amidst labor discussions, Peter Gelb went on BBC Radio to poor mouth it  lament the company’s financial position proclaiming the United State’s preeminent opera house could be broke within the two to three years.  During the BBC interview Gelb said:

“What’s at stake, ultimately, is the future of the Met Opera,” Gelb told Music Matters’ presenter, Tom Service.

“I’m just trying to address this problem a few steps before the edge of the precipice instead of waiting until we are actually on the precipice.”

He continued: “Even if I was the worst manager in the world, if two thirds of the cost structure is going to the unions, clearly that’s an area that has to be cut.”


Gelb added: “Putting on productions is expensive. What we have to do it make it less expensive – not by going back to the stone ages of opera theatre and having productions that no-one will want to see, but by cutting down on the labour costs.”

That being said he defended the most expensive bouquet ever!  After all, the $169,000 poppy field in last season’s Prince Igor cost as much as my house was justified as, “Well it’s a very large poppy field, and in fact it was the entire scene.”

Seriously, Peter Gelb WTF?

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