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Posted by on Nov 17, 2010 in Reviews | 0 comments

You’ll Go Mad for This Production of Lucia!

by Christie Connolley

Forgive me… I just couldn’t resist that title.  But Mark Kanny of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review agrees:

Lucia“Laura Claycomb gave a riveting and individual portrayal of Lucia. She’s introduced in the second scene of the first act, which takes place at a fountain. While waiting for the man she loves, she tells her confidante Alisa (beautifully sung by Lindsay Ammann) of family lore that the ghost of a bride murdered by her husband haunts the fountain.

Young Mexican tenor David Lomeli made his debut singing Lucia’s lover, Edgardo, and what a wonderful voice it was to encounter. Lomeli had ample power, but it is the warmth of his timbre and evenness from top to bottom that suggests he could have an important career. The duet between Lucia and Edgardo duet built to a powerful climax and the exchange of wedding rings.”

Check out the entire review here.

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